Games with trans characters and scenes you'd recommend

I’ve already played Family Affair and WVM and both were great (relatively to content), and currently playing City of Broken Dreamers. It claimed to have this type of content by the tags, but at as I’m going through it, I had one only interaction with the character (besides this, it’s an amazing game tho).
Besides these here I couldn’t find anything as good, it looks like there aren’t many games on this stuff

So, do you know games like the above mentioned (in sense of quality of the renders and so on) that have more trans content?

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Well the search feature gives a lot of results.

Sorted by popularity

I usually go for whatever has good screenshots.

Some games have optional features, like the whole game would be normal, but then a point in the story arrives where you are made to choose if you want to continue with the person in question being revealed to have a dick or continue with a vagina as your character had been led to believe so from the start.

If I remember correctly, the game that had that was:

I appreciate your suggestion! Of course, I usually go through the site looking up for a game by the tags, but not always it turns out to be a great game or has a lot of the content I was aiming for.


Some are more story driven, while others, a sex crazed fest. :crazy_face:

If the game has a large pool of characters, there might be a chance that atleast one or more might be a preference ones looking for.

But again, they might not be the main focus, so the player doesn’t get to interact a lot with their preference.

Sorry, I haven’t played many games, so I couldn’t recommend more than the one earlier, as that was the one I played a bit and it had the preference you were looking for.
Though from what little I played, the game felt more story rich than being a Sex driven content.
Thus, there might not be too much content with what you are looking for.

Well, my games repertory’s small too, I played the big names. And they were all straight games - they kinda all go this way except some that have little scenes or side characters that twist the straightness - and that’s ok. But lately I wanted to twist it up a little, but really no game worth of its name focused so much on that.

By the way, if anyone’s interested in anything new to play that’s trans related (partially) and stuff, this is another one worth to check it out (may be already known but whatever):

I tend to avoid those, but Healslut was kinda fun.

Not sure if its in here, but have you played Warlock and Boobs? that game has plenty of trans characters . You can even get the male MC to have boobs if you want.

Hello . Perhaps I didn’t quite go there… Can you recommend a game with trans content that can be launched on any device. Would you like a game with a large selection of actions and text?