Forcing a false download

Some times, when I try to download a game, and click a link, your site will pull up an ‘Ad Tab’ and it automatically, without any consent or asking, force a download of something with that game’s name. I don’t know what it is, but it is definitely not what I wanted to download. I always stop it, but I don’t know what it is.

Has anyone here also experienced this?

Most browsers have an option for their download settings to ask for download folder before downloading over the default option of automatically downloading to default Window’s Downloads folder.

If you select the option of always ask before download, then you can avoid such auto downloads and save your internet data bandwidth.

Secondly, If one isn’t internet savvy about navigating through ads or fully understanding what is an ad link or similar cases like pop ups, invisible frames links clicks, etc. Then I would recommend them installing a good ad blocker like uBlock Origin or similar.

That could potentially in cases, avoid in downloading ad files when a user thinks they are downloading the real file.
(As a rule of thumb, ad files are usually in KiloBytes or maximum 1MegaByte)

I don’t know what’s the policy here on using ad blocks while viewing this website, but I would always suggest using them if someone is not confident in navigating sites with ads. (Sometimes the ads on the internet are too intrusive and hinder the user too much in navigation and progress that you are forced to enable an adblocker to navigate or use the website in peace).

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I am internet savvy. And these force downloads happens when I try to click on the link to Mega or Uploadhevean. The link I have to click on to go to the download site.

And I do have AD block on.

Apparently, the website was going through some changes.

Bugs might have been fixed by now.

Hopefully you have access to your correct downloads now.

If it helps, the files it makes me download are vhd.

Things seem to be working fine on my end.

I click on the mega link, it takes me to the iseekgames page, the download button is ready in 5 seconds and that takes me to the website from where I can download the game file.

I didn’t face any one click direct download link at any time.

What game are you trying to download?
Maybe that specific link is broken?

One of them is
And it happens about once a day. After the I stop the force download of the vhd, the ad will not appear again for the rest of the day. Also it does not matter which game it is.

Hmm… okay try installing uBlock Origin on Firefox and see if you face ads of anykind.

Because that is what I tested with on mobile and desktop and didn’t get any issues