Forced Paid downloads

I’m not one to be upset about things but why does everything on this site now run through 3 downloading sites that require you to pay a monthly fee to download the games or have to wait for 4 hours to download a game? I mean I get that your website gets a kickback of some caliber to keep your site running by forcing paid downloads but that was not a really good move on the sites end.

I already have a paid membership with mega downloads and that’s what I use to download all the games/novels that I already have but completely taking that option away from uploaders and downloaders to force very slow paid downloading sites is kinda messed up in my opinion.

I hate to say it with the amount of ads that constantly come up on your website and on everything you click after 2 minutes and now this, I think I will be looking for a different downloading site that allows what I already am paying for and still will allow me to download things for free at a decent speed.

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