Fileknot - Server slow down and stuffs

We are still trying to optimize and scale the server.
Two days ago, due to high load, Fileknot slowed down significantly. It is still a learning process. Our mistake was to buy one large server (64TB) where we put all the files. But it chocked because though the server is huge in size and costs a lot, 1gbps network speed is not enough. So we added 10gbps networking. Then the hard disk became the bottleneck and could not keep up with the network. So now we are adding many 1GBPS smaller servers to balance it out than using one big server. We have already added an additional 4TB server. In the future, we will serve files from dozens of 2-4TB servers for smooth downloads. Going for one big server was a mistake.

We are also going to improve free user download speed after we solve the contagion. We are planning to double it at 1MBps(8mbps) for all free users.