Farmer’s Dreams Unofficial Ren’PY Port [Onhold] - Version: R22. How to open this game in Android?

Cannot open the game in Android. Please help

Have you downloaded the Android version of the game?
it should be downloaded in the form of an APK file which you open and it installs the game. After that an icon should appear on your home screen or somewhere around there with which you can open the game.

Unfortunately it is an unofficial port.
Not much else data is given.

The port is either made for a specific android version or it’s just not made correctly or the uploaded apk is corrupted.

I have downloaded it multiple times and it won’t install on my android tablet with the latest OS.

Eventually though, I did find a working install.
Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the website or the file hoster link from where I downloaded it from.

Thankfully I did install it on my tablet and so am able to get the backup apk file.
I’ve uploaded it to my account and you can try downloading it from this link.

Hopefully you are able to download and install it without issues.


Please let me know if it works for you.
I have my doubts because the backup file in my tablet reads 609MB
But the uploaded file says 580.9MB which is the same with all the uploaded apk spread over the net.