Email linked to notifications

Somehow this website keeps sending reply notifications to an address that I cannot log in from, no account is associated with it, it says. I recreated a profile now, but how do I delete that address and stop those notifications ? I don’t want to be notified if some dude replies to a two year old message of mine… “unsubscribe” doesn’t work either.
Also, is there no way to block someone here ?

As for your first part that is strictly a site Admin problem… :thinking: Try directing That question to @Mod and they may be able to help you out! :grin:

As for blocking someone on here the report (The little flag at the bottom of the reply’s) works on that… the admin are really on top of the Form, I have seen a couple of the spam threads and reply’s get deleted very fast! :grin:

Thanks, I clicked on the link to the mod and sent a message, hope it works.
I’ll try the flag then, but I don’t know, seems to me the tolerance is quite high here. Even when some idiots find it apparently fun to reply to years old (for real) comments with insults… Like wtf, I wrote that 2 years ago and wasn’t even talking to you, you freak. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hard to say about that… It sucks to hear that you have had someone be a dick to you! :expressionless:

But :thinking:… it is a forum on an adult themed website so tolerance on reply’s are going to be a bit relax :sweat_smile:… and it tends to heavily rely on the users to report things! :grin: