Cuckold fantasy race

Cuckold seems to mean “she wants a black man” … It’s the story 99% of the time.

The genre is racist.

I’d like to see more diversity in race and sex of the partners she chooses… white, black, asian, indian… there are a few, but not many like this.

Also diversity in the race of the player. There are cucks of every race!

deveopers moders

The genre is mostly based on the premise that the man of the “heroine” gets cucked by someone
whose ethnicity is despised by their kind. So black men or any other people with darker skintones fit very well here for…historical reasons (sometimes it is an Arab/muslim type, but you get the gist).
Black people dont despise white people or asian people that much to make a convincing cuck story, or so it seems (it has also to do with the claim whose dongs are the biggest :slight_smile: ).
So i doubt u will find a lot diverse games or even stories in this genre…