Bear in the Night: Lust Academy Release!

Hi! We are Bear In The Night — a small team of motivated indie game developers! We love adult visual novels and are currently creating one! Our project is called “Lust Academy” and it’s no secret that we were heavily inspired by the Harry Potter books and The Magicians tv series. Lust Academy - is a story-driven 3d visual novel where you play as a young 18-years guy who has just found that he is a wizard! Visit the oldest magic academy in the New World, learn its secrets, and meet other students and teachers! We’re sure you’ll find most of them… charming!

As we gear up for Season 3, we’re spicing things up with an experimental competition! Want a chance to win Steam gift cards?
Ready to dive into some fun? We’re kicking off a juicy competition right here in our Lust Academy Discord!

To participate, simply add Lust Academy Season 3 to your wishlist :pray: and click the celebration emoji “:tada:” in our Discord channel.
But here’s the twist - we’re setting a challenge! Our goal is to reach +5,000 wishlists for Season 3, and when we hit that milestone, the prize pool gets even bigger!

We’re handing out Steam gift cards to lucky winners! 15 ones will receive $10 Steam Gift cards each. But that’s not all! Our aim is to hit +5,000 new wishlists since the start of the contest for Season 3, and once we achieve that, we’re upping the ante! We’ll be throwing in extra two $100 gift cards into the prize pool! Let’s make it a reality :star2:

Just hit that participate button, and in a week, our trusty bot will pick a winner at random.
And remember, the more friends you invite to join and wishlist, the closer we get to that ultimate prize!
Let the games begin. And don’t forget, we’ll definitely ask the winners for a screenshot of their wishlist :gift::sparkles:

release coming soon