Any recommendations on a new game?

I have all most played all of the good completed games out there so now I’m looking for recommendations on any new games just remember it has to be 3DCG and no NTR. So thanks if anyone got new recommendations.

Well of the top of my head, I can only suggest like 2.

It’s pretty good nice soundtrack/effect and story, if you’ve played Once in a Lifetime then this is from the same developer.

House in the Rift - sort of a dating sim with fantasy girls in a house in the middle of nowhere and sometimes out of it

not really a spoiler but just in case

in other worlds… see? not much of a spoiler.

I’ve heard great things about Grandma’s House but I’ve never played it so idk :person_shrugging:.

Being a Dik is technically still ongoing even though it’s so massive at this point (both in fanbase and filesize). Slight warning based on how sensitive your ntr radar is: there is a heroine who is unhappily married to some off-screen guy named Bella/Isabelle (the girl’s name not the guy) but her content is very clearly avoidable - you can still be nice to her as she helps out with other heroines but don’t actively go after her and you’ll be fine.

That’s it for now - TSO

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I’ll check eternium tho i already played grandma house it’s like u can fuck any girl present in the game i won’t spoil about how many chr are there tho .

If your looking for story driven type of games I suggest these: Summer’s Gone , Leap Of Faith , Chasing Sunsets , City Of Broken Dreamers , Artemis . Race Of Life , Acting Lessons , Eternum

My favorite of these is Summer’s Gone :slight_smile:

The Most Lecherous on Steam. It’s free.