Any horror sex game?

Looking for horror type game

  1. Mist by 395games - v.1.0.3
    A harem horror game about the end of the world. Completed.

  2. Once in a Lifetime
    A harem horror game about demons. Completed.

  3. Dark Neighborhood
    A harem game about demons. Completed.

These are the games I played and remember. There are other horror games out there, but I can’t remember or have not played it yet.
Note: Search using the tag paranormal for more games.

This game amazing “LYCORIS RADIATA - CH5”

I recommend Lustful Spirit Hunt, has very similar gameplay to Phasmophobia.

What other adult horror games are out there? I want to add them to my site - Nightmareporn (sorry if you can’t leave links here).

Please elaborate on what kind of horror.

Somwthing with monsters?
Do you want to be the monster?

Do you want to become a monster?

Are you up for japanese horror?

That’s just a few of the games i remembered the names of.
If none of them are to your liking, you could check out the genere list: