Adding incest patchs

I know that some games have incest patches.

But I don’t understand how to use it.

Can someone explain it to me?

I do not know mac or andriod, but on PC you can download patch. Extract patch from folder and move patch to the “game” folder.

Do you have any specific game in mind?

So you’ll primarily see it for Renpy games. The exe will load all the .py files in the “game” folder… so its really just a matter of dropping the file into the folder in question.

For games like RPG maker, changes would be the the map files, which contains conversation texts. So you’d overwrite multiple files in the www/data area. (Usually .json files called Map003.json, or similar). It’s the same with translations.

For HTML games, the primary HTML file needs to be completely overwritten with the patch.

Sorry for the block of text, but trying to trigger badges. :smiley: