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In Progress An improved games List Page


Lost Undead
corruptor789 at discord had what I think was a great idea, although I think it could be enhanced a little bit. A games listing page that allows you to sort how you want, instead of by date updated, such as # of views, and include filters such as genre.


Lost Undead
Thanks for the credit/shoutout, Grammer!

I'll post here what I posted in the Discord as well!

"I suggest that when you first go onto the site when you scroll down a bit by the "Popular Adult Games" section, that you can actually click on that tab and it takes you to a page from highest to lowest most popular games on the site! You can already see it kinda implemented as a little sidebar feature when you click on any game, (it's on the right-hand side of the screen with the top 10 most popular games.) however, I feel like this would be a really popular feature/page to add to the site! Maybe even add a drop-down to every genre to sort them as well either by "Newest" or "Most Popular" Not sure if this is a hard thing to implement. But I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw this out somewhere as a suggestion to get someone's brain turning to see if it's possible.

My main reason for this is because every single time I enter the site, the top games are almost ALWAYS "MILFY City, My Cute Roommate, Man of the House, etc.." and I'm always interested to see what is after those main 6 top games!"


Lost Undead
We were building it then The idea of making a new theme came in mind. you can test the broken version here https://lewdzone.com/archive/
We have started the new theme's work. so it will be available in a month or so.
The Archive is exactly what I would want for this site. I usually only play renpy/unity/unreal engine games because they just look better. So if I was able to sort that way in the near future, that would be amazing.