What's your favorite adult game?

Well… you sounds like “Vanilla Ass” to me.

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Dating My Daughter, exposition length between player activity was just right and I found myself drawn into the story which is rare, usually just looking for PinV.

Leap of Faith, the best writing I’ve ever seen in an adult VN, left a major impression on me, and what convinced me to start working on my own game.

Treasure of Nadia, the first adult game I ever played so there is a bias there but man the animations were great.

Cure My Addiction, completely scratched all my itches.

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FreshWomen is the first series that got me into this genre of games. My Pleasure, University of Problems, Stolen Destiny, and Big Brother would round off my top 5.

My Top 3 Visual Novels Games.

1- Summer’s Gone.

2- City Of Broken Dreamers.

3- Leap Of Faith/Acting Lessons/Artemis/Eternum.

  1. The Deluca Family
  2. City of Broken Dreamers
  3. Dating My Daughter

A little controversial considering its genre, but HeNTeRia Chronicles for me (Had really good buildup).

I am floored that no one has mentioned Out of Touch!

Also, Secret Care Cafe and

Note: NTR

Fleeting Iris

“Sisterly Lust” and “Becoming a DIK”

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Moral Sword of Asagi is pretty interesting, Rignetta’s Adventure is plenty of fun, too. And the “X Girls” series, Angel, Shinobi, Witch, Kung Fu and Warrior Girl are all wonderful!

my favorite “Codenames”

Grandma’s House
This is a fun incest game
My New Family
One of my first games that i actually liked.
Pure Love
A game that I love because all the girls are thick. The Shrink R&R Aslo fits in this catergory.
A New Beginning
An B-romp action/sex game. I really like it.

oh uh i totaly love how great 3DXChat game look and how easy it is but its not free sadly :frowning: second fav is MNFclub its also online game and runs in browser, its also like very easy and acessible but not so nice to look at

I have to make at least a top 10 because there are so many good works out there deserving a mention not only for their sexy content but for the overall great work put in them.
A House in the Rift
Now and Then
Tales from the Unending Void
Dreams of Desire
Carnal Instinct
Project Atmosphere
Knightly Passions

I listed my fav 5 adult games below :-

=> Milfy City
=> A wife and Mother
=> Summertime Saga
=> Taste of Seduction
=> Being a DIK

Have any find new adult games guys?

I love the game Tales Of Androgyny. The world of Tales Of Androgyny is very cool and interesting I would like to go there and live there.