Natsumi, Milfs Corruption by motherpaf201 - v.0.5

Which Platform? (PC/Mac/Android/Linux)

Which Host? (Mega/Google Drive/Anonfiles etc)

Is there an android version?

Game Link:

Currently, it is only available on Mac, PC and Linux.
Someone tried running it through JoiPlay on an Android device, but it wouldn’t properly load for them as it would give an error upon booting.

Unless someone makes an unofficial port or the Developer makes an official port for Android, it can’t be natively played on an Android device.

Though there is one other way to do so.
Play it online through a Web Browser on an Android device.

Just make sure that your browser is set to Desktop Site/version/view/mode

Do note that one comment over there mentions the game getting bugged after some scenario involving the Main Character’s Mother.
I haven’t read any comments about that from the people who played the PC version.