Greatest VN/Game Weakness?

What is it, for you, that completely ruins a VN or Adult game?

To me it is exposition length, I shouldn’t be reading 14 paragraphs with a single image on screen between making choices, to me this sort of content should be more similarly paced to graphic novels, reusing imagery is fine but forcing me in front of a static image while I read an entire book is unbearable.

On that note, the best thing someone can do to keep me interested if they are going more of a kinetic novel route is have idle animations or transitions between character poses, yes reading is a huge part of Adult VNs and games but I am more engaged by text alone than static images with text. I play visual novels FOR the visual aspect, let me see your imagination not imagine it myself.


I agree, 4-5 lines max or around 50-60 words per page is the best for me to read VNs. I do prefer compact and concise dialogues though, for me it gets pretty boring if I read 10 pages of 4-5 dialogue lines for just a topic/scenario.

With some exceptions, if the VN has some really good illustrations and animations (idle or action), it keeps me engaged that I could keep on reading no matter how long the text is. Because otherwise, it reminded me of going to classes/meetings reading wall of texts on PowerPoint slides :joy:


Have to very much agree to this point.
There has to be a good balance between good AND CONCISE writing as well as engaging visuals.
Obviously I’m not expecting the highest end quality of either spectrum from a product that’s trying to mix both.
If I want the best art I’ll just go look for the best art I can find on the dozens of 18+ image hosting sites out there because obviously the artist is able to spend 100% of their time and ability on each piece of art, not thinking about how they have hundreds of more images or even animations to complete.
And same goes for the writing/dialogue, you can go to some 18+ fanfic site and find the most top rated ones there.
Or even take a side shift and go find some doujinshi/hentai manga.
The quality is going to lack somewhere though when you are spreading your time between art and writing obviously but if one is ever starting to feel like filler to make up for the lack of the other then it kind of ruins the point of this specific niche of 18+ medium.
It’s easy to say “just make more art” but yeah truly at a point you kind of just have to.
There’s nothing more annoying than reading the 4th or 5th screen of a static image telling me how hard the MC came. Or whatever the scenario is.
Yeah obviously the text is there to fill in the gaps in where traditional animation would normally show; inner thoughts, dialogue, highlighting descriptions; but if all I can see related to that is a static imagine, or even just the same imagine moved back and forth, while some text describes what happens or the characters saying over and over how much they like it instead of seeing anything better. Yes that ruins the entire game and the whole point of even playing them.
The text should set the groundwork for engagement in the stories, characters, setting, as well as allow dialogue to take place. But once the actual action happens I should see something HAPPEN.
Nothing less satisfying when you finally get to the sex scene(s) and you feel completely unsatisfied because the scene didn’t progress in any way (I’m sorry a Slower/Faster button doesn’t cut it) while giving me paragraphs of text of the literal same words just said 4-5 different ways, and then you click “Cum” and it’s over.
I’ve played quite a few games that had some great potential, where they totally fumble it in that aspect, where you SHOULD be putting the most effort. The whole reason these things exist, cuz people wana get off.
Static or yeah idle animations can be fine for 99% of the text and dialogue of the game, but dear god don’t skimp when it comes to the actual 18+ sections, come the fuck on.